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Christ Lights Our Way

Many, if not all of us, long for an epiphany moment when we are reminded that God is still indeed with us.

Our Weary World Rejoices

In these weeks of Advent, we light successive candles and hear messages in scripture, song, and word about hope, peace, joy and love.

Where Love Lives – December Resources

For the month of December, members associated with the Outreach & Justice Ministries are honored to bring you these devotions, book suggestions and videos for your spiritual practice this holiday season. On behalf of our team, Happy Christmas and many blessings. ~...

Vital Faith’s Technology Grants

The pandemic has forced churches to go virtual in new ways. This has been a blessing to many people since churches are not only reaching new people through this method, but have provided a new service to their shut-ins and seasonal friends. Your Vital Faith...

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2020 — A Year of Growth

Growth is usually thought to be about more and bigger. In this past year and now entering into a new year, I have increasingly valued minimalism, simplicity, and less-is-more. The space of home has become even more important because we are practicing distancing and even isolation as we stay home.

Looking for the Off Switch

Looking for the Off Switch

It sat by the front door all night long – lights shining – all night long. My mother-in-law died a day and a half before Christmas. Most of the things that filled her room, the things needed for a woman who had been completely bedfast for 3 years, had been cleared out. The hospital bed went back to the company that provided it. Many items were donated to people or organizations who could use them. The only thing that remained was the fabulous electric wheelchair the home health company insisted was needed. It sat quietly in the hallway, never used because Kay was afraid of it. 

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

My wife Felida and I were officially homeless for almost four months in 2020, from Aug. 24th when we sold our home in Sierra Vista to Dec. 14th when we got the keys to our new home in Vail southeast of Tucson.  Because we’re blessed to have a steady income and supportive family, our ‘homelessness’ was a much different and easier experience for us than it is for many people – a walk in the park, really.  Three vacation rentals and several visits to my wife’s parents later, we are once again homeowners.

A Christmas Prayer

A Christmas Prayer

Nancy and Carla and the conference staff wish you a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas. Our Christmas prayer for you and yours is: O God, whose love blesses and unites us no matter where we are, we come before you weary from this pandemic needing this holy season, its...

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