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In Remembrance of Things Yet to Accomplish

Some of our challenge has been to confront racism and prejudice in ourselves and to listen and learn about what systemic oppression has done to diminish all of us.

July 29, 2020 IMPORTANT UPDATE on COVID-19

An important update from Bishop Bob on July 29, 2020

2021 Local Initiatives Grant Application for Ecumenical and Interreligious Ministries

Every year the Council of Bishops awards three grants to annual conferences from around the world that are involved in ecumenical and/or interreligious ministry.  These grants are for $1,000 US each and must be used for ministry projects that focus on...

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On the Road with Dan

On the Road with Dan

Many customs, traditions, rituals, and usual habits have stopped or at the least, taken on a very different look this spring and summer. Though much has changed, there is one custom that is particularly fit for a time of isolation — the summertime book list.

Christ In You

Christ In You

I wish my mom were here so I could ask questions that I never thought about while she was alive. I do remember a few of the stories she told me about the depression, but today I wish I had listened better.

Thoughts From Matt – A New Thing

Thoughts From Matt – A New Thing

  ‘Do not remember the things of old,’ the Prophet says.  I’m actually pretty good at that one; I have a hard time remembering what happened yesterday, let alone the things of old.  Something comes in one ear and, unless I write it down, out the other.  Anybody have that trouble?

Greetings from Sandy Kerr

Greetings from Sandy Kerr

The laity of each church is the backbone of every church. We are vital to the growth of the church and spreading God’s word. Wesley feared the movement known as Methodists would vanish from the earth.

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