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Called Anew to Follow — the Light in Darkness

Called Anew to Follow — the Light in Darkness

On the Christmas Eve of 1966, when New York TV station WPIX first aired the 17-second loop of 2-hours of crackling logs in a fireplace, it was considered to be a ridiculous idea, a waste of airtime, and of interest to no one. However, so many people tuned in that the station continued the Christmas Eve fireplace scene for 23 consecutive years. The fireplace scene then became a VHS tape classic and there are now hundreds of virtual fireplaces on the web.

10 Ways to Reach Unchurched People at Christmas

Christmas provides a unique opportunity to reach people who no longer ordinarily attend church. What’s surprising is that many churches don’t really engage the Christmas celebration to make the impact it could. Over the years at our church, the Christmas services win hands-down for both overall attendance and attendance by unchurched people.

Mark’s Musings – Letting Go of Expectations

Mark’s Musings – Letting Go of Expectations

I love this time of year! The Advent/Christmas season is filled with color; music; family; love; worship services; special food; and memories. For us, there have been plans in place for months. This is especially important for things like airplane tickets! Can anything damage/ruin our Advent/Christmas season? Many years ago, I learned the biggest threat to experiencing special seasons like this are my own expectations.

‘Letting go’ and blessing received

Recently my heart and hands were having a difficult time ‘letting go’ of a very special ministry in my life for the past five years … but, while sharing my concerns with our West District Superintendent, Rev. Nancy Cushman, I was able to work through ‘letting go’

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