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Bishop Bob’s Statement on Violence toward the Asian Community

During this season of Lent, we weep and we cry out at the continued acts of hate toward Asians and Asian- Americans and of all people of color who have been victim to violence based in racism.

March 15, 2021 IMPORTANT UPDATE on COVID-19

While the CDC has issued new recommendations for persons who have been fully vaccinated which relax some restrictions, these guidelines can change with the discovery of new information about COVID-19. For this reason, we must continue to be patient and do our part to protect those among us who are still vulnerable.

Bishop’s E-Lumination 3-10-2021

A Vision of Hope for Central United Methodist Church The Desert Southwest Conference and Central UMC are entering into an exciting, strategic partnership to bring about vitality in this local church and in the immediate community it serves. The New Faith and Vital...

Our Journey as The United Methodist Church

During Lent, our attention in our prayers, mediations, and worship, are on Jesus’ journey to the cross, that leads us to reconciliation and an everlasting life with God our creator.

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An All-in Resurrection Life

An All-in Resurrection Life

Since living in Las Vegas, many out-of-town family and friends have made their way to our home for a visit. Most want to check out the Vegas spots and Bonnie and I will sometimes be a tour guide. Other times we just point to places they can check out on their own.

Let Love Arise

Let Love Arise

An unseen voice spoke, “follow the pall bearers…” I couldn’t help but think about how many funeral processions I had participated in over my lifetime. In the silence of the moment the pall bearers picked up the stretcher with the shrouded body on it and led the group of people from the chapel where the Good Friday service began to a tomb in another building, where the service would end, with a giant stone being rolled into place. 

A Time to Wait and A Time to Act

A Time to Wait and A Time to Act

Last week my wife Felida and I were blessed to receive the first dose of a Covid vaccine. After more than a year of waiting, a slight prick of a needle launched our immune systems’ defenses against a horrible disease. We have one more dose to receive but by early May we’ll enjoy the full measure of the vaccine’s protection. That doesn’t mean we’ll go all the way back to life as usual. Felida and I will continue to wear masks and keep a safe distance from others in public until the science says that vaccinated persons no longer need to do so. We believe that loving our neighbors means giving up some freedoms to make sure we’re not being asymptomatic carriers who pass the virus on to someone else.

Resurrection Hope

Resurrection Hope

By Rev. Nancy Cushman As I write this newsletter article, we are celebrating Easter. For our second year in a row, we celebrated this special day with the online worshipping community. I have to admit that I am looking forward to being in-person next year, but singing...

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