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Although we are not completely freed from concern or fear, we are gaining a foothold against this common enemy we have been fighting for much too long. Your DSC COVID Response Team joins me in giving thanks for the diligent work of the congregations and clergy of our Conference.

Bishop’s E-Lumination 5-26-2021

A Plea for Action and Prayer to End Gun Violence (Photo by Eric Gerhardy on UnSplash) The nation is afire! Not the flames of wildfires burning in many places across the US, but rather, the fire of violence and shootings and killings, sometimes of innocent persons, and...

Onward to True Joy

When we gather for our Annual Conference, I hope we will experience the joy of our ministry together.

Worship service for Pride Sunday

By Rev. Michael Patzloff The Welcoming and Reconciling Team for the Desert Southwest Conference are providing a complete worship service for Pride Sunday to be celebrated on the first Sunday in June. We encourage you to mark this day and celebrate the lives and...

Retirement Announcement

I am writing to share with you a decision I have made regarding my retirement from active ministry as your bishop.

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Holding Them in Prayer

Holding Them in Prayer

Early on Memorial Day, I hiked up into the Spring Mountains near Mount Potosi. I needed some fresh air and exercise. But even more than that, I needed a new view — a view from on high. I made my way off-trail and up the steep terrain, over boulders, and across the loose shale rock.

Guided by the Spirit

Guided by the Spirit

I was reading a commentary on the book of First Corinthians that started out by saying the book was written for a church that was experiencing great divisions. Some of the divisions were along ethnic lines. Others were divisions in theological beliefs. What is painful is the fact that parties on all sides of the dividing line claimed to be following what their faith taught them.

Gathered Together in One Place

Gathered Together in One Place

A year ago our church buildings were empty, but on Pentecost we will gather together in thanksgiving, and the Holy Spirit will fill our hearts as we thank and praise God together for the harvest of God’s goodness.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

This will be my last article to you as your District Superintendent and as an active pastor. As I thought about what last words I want to share, I keep coming back to John 17. In these final words of Jesus, he shares his prayer that we might be one with him and each other. His final lessons and message are given so that we can share completely in his joy. (John 17:13) As I approach this final month in this season of ministry, my heart is filled with gratitude and anticipation.

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