Early Response Teams clear debris, salvage belongings, mitigate further damage to homes from mold and rain and prepare for the rebuilding efforts. Teams provide a caring Christian presence to the survivors by listening to their stories, needs, and concerns about the disaster and moving forward. ERT training courses begin at 8:00 AM and end by 5:00 PM. The cost for the training is $30, and it covers lunch, a manual, and a background check. There are also 3-hour Certification Renewal courses available, with a cost of $15. To participate, individuals must be at least 18 years old. Certification badges are distributed upon completion of the ERT training. ERTs must wear their badges at the disaster location at all times.

If you are feeling called, numerous servants are still needed to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Contact Fred Heggestad, Disaster Relief Coordinator, at  to request training or recertification as an ERT.

ERT Training in California

Additional training opportunities are available in California. Find registration information and more at www.calpacumc.org/disasterresponse/. After completing the California training, please contact Lori Davalos at ldavalos@dscumc.org and complete the registration,...

Sawyer Call & Chainsaw Training

This is a call for sawyers to go to the Victoria, Texas area to clean up hurricane-damaged trees. The initial departure is scheduled for October 18. PLEASE RSVP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Texas requires us to report trip details, including a rough estimate of the number of sawyers going.

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