Desert Southwest Annual Conference

June 11-14, 2020

Mesa Convention Center

263 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201

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Conference Lay Leader

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DSC Way Forward

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Open Minds, Open Hearts, and Doors Wide Open

“We in the Desert Southwest Conference stand for these values. These are the things we hold dear to us. This is what we hope for even as we keep hoping, praying, and working toward unity in our future.” – Bishop Bob Hoshibata

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Words, whether they come from God or from human mouths, have power and influence. We can use our words to do good or to do harm.

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DSC Way Forward August Update

Dreaming, researching, seeking opinions, and testing ideas is the work the Way Forward Teams are tasked before the Special Session of the Desert Southwest Conference. Read about the progress so far.

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Faced with God’s Call . . . Again!

The DSC Way Forward has already begun its work of dreaming of ways to reinvent The United Methodist Church as a church that practices inclusion of all in the work of ministry and mission; or of creating a new expression of the church that is rooted in Wesleyan theology and open to all. We are still looking for persons with passion and energy to engage in this work.

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DSC Book of Resolutions

Resolutions & Petitions of Desert Southwest Annual Conference 1985 – September 2019

2019 Journal

To order a printed copy or access older versions, visit

2019 AC Wrap Up Report

2019 Livestream Archives

2019 AC Mission Projects

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