Desert Southwest Virtual Annual Conference

June 12-13, 2020



Youth Groups & The 2020 Mission Project: Water for the Navajo

Recently Rev. Jen Lambert from Red Mountain UMC shared some exciting news about her youth group that I wanted to share with you. How great are the hearts of our young people!  Jen shared:  Summer usually means a new rhythm for our youth: a reprieve from schoolwork,...

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Annual Conference Mission Project: Water for the Navajo Each day in my prayer life I center on gratitude. I know that I am immensely blessed in so many aspects of my life. I have my sons and their families. I can’t hug them right now, but we can be in virtual contact...

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Water for the Navajo Nation Part 2

Mission Project 2020:Water for the Navajo Nation Billie K. Fidlin Director of Outreach & Justice   As we continue in this time of trial with the COVID-19 virus, things continue to decline on the Navajo Reservation. While many tribes throughout the country are...

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Annual Conference 2020 – At such a time as this

About AC2020 Live Stream The live stream of Annual Conference, a virtual event using the Zoom webinar format, on June 12-13 will be available at www.dscumc.org/ac. Please use that link to invite your church members to tune in to the public sessions. A call-in to...

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Water for the Reservation – AC 2020 Mission Project

Imagine. For just a moment, walk with me, through more than 27,000* square miles in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. 27,000 square miles of many homes without running water or other infrastructure that many of us simply live with daily as part of our “normal”. A place...

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