Desert Southwest Virtual Annual Conference

June 12-13, 2020


Clergy Session: Friday, June 12th, 9:00 AM-Noon

Laity Session: Friday, June 12th, 1:00-4:00 PM

Plenary Session: Saturday, June 13th, 9:00-4:00 PM







Call-In for Public Sessions

Toll-free numbers listed below.
Laity Webinar ID: 976 1860 4165
Plenary Webinar ID: 925 4901 7022


AC Documents

Pre-Conference reports and other documents for voting are available for download. Click on the button below to access.

AC2020 Mission Project

Registration Links for Voting Members of the Annual Conference

To prepare for the Annual Conference, members of the Annual Conference will need to register for the Pre-Conference briefing webinar and the Finance & Administration webinar linked below in blue boxes. Use the green registration option of your choice to register and pay for this year’s Annual Conference session. Please register for the appropriate webinar sessions (clergy session or laity session, and Saturday plenary sessions) using the links in the registration confirmation email.

June 9 - Practice webinar session for voting delegates at Noon

Clergy Session

Laity Session

Plenary Session

2020 AC Registration Payment

Deadline for registration June 10, 2020

For voting members only

2020 Orientation Ministry

Deadline for registration is June 15, 2020


Water for the Reservation – AC 2020 Mission Project

Imagine. For just a moment, walk with me, through more than 27,000* square miles in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. 27,000 square miles of many homes without running water or other infrastructure that many of us simply live with daily as part of our “normal”. A place...

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Letter from Conference Secretary for AC 2020

April 14, 2020 Dear Lay and Clergy Members of Annual Conference, Grace, peace, and mercy be yours from God, who is our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. I pray this message finds you and yours in good health during this unique time in history. Last week, Mesa City...

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Annual Conference 2020 Click Game

What was the spiritual spark that was present when your church or ministry was founded? During the 2020 Annual Conference, churches and ministries of the Desert Southwest Conference are asked to share their ministry foundation story through an interactive game on the...

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Annual Conference deadlines – Heads Up

The 2020 Annual Conference planning committee, called Sessions, met on January 27 to begin planning this year's Annual Conference Session and set some deadlines. However, with General Conference looming before us, planning business, as usual, isn't suitable this time....

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DSC Book of Resolutions

Resolutions & Petitions of Desert Southwest Annual Conference 1985 – September 2019

2019 Journal

To order a printed copy or access older versions, visit

2019 AC Wrap Up Report

2019 Livestream Archives

2019 AC Mission Projects

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