Bishop Hoshibata’s Episcopal Candidacy Statement

Strong currents of change challenge our United Methodist Church. Eroding support for connectionalism, declining apportionment contributions, conversations about schism threaten our future. Episcopal leaders who will guide us successfully through change into a vital future must possess deep faith and clear vision. The difficult work of superintending for the whole church requires bishops to be fully engaged with persons in pew and pulpit. Creative leaders with strong relational abilities with competence in conflict resolution and problem-solving are needed in order to successfully navigate these waters. I am willing and able to lead the whole church as we wrestle with theological differences threatening our viability and future. I will call us to accountability when we neglect our mission of disciple-making. I will lead with a Christ-centered pastor’s heart, offering my gifts to our church. I will encourage conversation and invite all to the table of discernment and prayer as we meet the challenges of our future together. While I will serve as a bishop for the whole church, as a member of the Western Jurisdiction, I stand firm and proud in unequivocal, unapologetic support and affirmation of our rich diversity of persons, cultures, languages, and theological positions.

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