The Spiritual Academy strives for a more balanced life

by | Dec 15, 2012 | AZ 5 Day Academy

(Upper Room)— Cultivating one’s own spiritual life is not easy in the world in which we live. Our world seems dominated by fear and our lives are out of balance. Highly motivated people, who seek to be spiritual leaders, recognize there must be a better way. And they seek a place in which they may grow in grace and strength.

For nearly thirty years, the Academy for Spiritual Formation® has been such a place. Offering a holistic spirituality of body, mind and spirit, the Academy has provided an important “environment of grace” for people of faith. Balancing academic and experiential learning, the Academy has been called “the finest and most comprehensive, ecumenical non-degree program in Christian spiritual in the country.” (Marjorie Thompson, author of Soul Feast).

A two-year Academy begins this January in the San Francisco area. The Mercy Center offers a beautiful retreat setting for this experience. Session one is August 18, 2013. Space is still available. Interested persons can find an application online at http://Academy.UpperRoom.org.

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Author: DSC

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