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by | Jan 15, 2013 | Annual Conference Sessions Committee

By Louie Lyon, DSC Conference Secretary, and Stephen J. Hustedt, Director of Communications

In the November 15 issue of the Desert Connection our bishop shared with us what he would like us to look for at the upcoming Annual Conference.  The committee which is headed by our bishop that does the planning of Annual Conference is called the Sessions Committee.  They have been hard at work since the day our last Annual Conference ended.  All the evaluations which were turned in were gone over and discussed and suggestions made were noted.  We have had two meetings with Bishop Hoshibata leading us and he has caused us to “Imagine What Can Be.”

Many of you have attended the Desert Southwest Conference in the past and I want you to know that the way we do things will be changing.  For the past two years all our Conference Meetings have been “paperless” as our Conference has gone green in order to not waste resources.  Thus this Annual Conference will also be “going green.”  There will not be a Pre-conference report mailed to the members of Annual Conference this year.  The report will be made up and placed on the Annual Conference website where you will be able to download it. If you do not have a portable device or laptop to bring with you to Annual Conference you will need to print it or have someone print it for you.  The Media Center will be Wi-Fi accessible this year.

While this is quite possibly the biggest change in how we will do Annual Conference this year it is only one of many.

There will no longer be a seating chart and the room will be oriented differently. It is also hoped that participants will meet at round tables and there will be much more time spent in Christian conversation and brainstorming than in giving and hearing reports.

Perhaps the most important change will be a focus on reaching those beyond the members of Annual Conference. Details are still being worked out, but everything from mission projects to special communications pieces and ongoing impact efforts are on the table for this year and for the years ahead at Annual Conference. Truly this is a new and exciting day for our Conference and our Annual Gathering.

Our bishop wants us to come to conference expecting to hear of and see ministry that is taking place.  More details will follow as we get closer to the time.  The Annual Conference Sessions Committee asks you all to be in prayer as we approach the 2013 Desert Southwest Annual Conference expecting great things to happen and then knowing that God will lead us to do great things together for the Furtherance of God’s Kingdom here on earth and in the entire Desert Southwest Annual Conference boundaries.

Rev. Louie Lyon is the Annual Conference Secretary for the Desert Southwest Conference.

Rev. Louie Lyon is the Annual Conference Secretary for the Desert Southwest Conference.

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