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By Louie Lyon, Conference Secretary

Another change at Annual Conference this year concerns the way we will obtain information. As you read in my earlier articles we are “going green” which means we are doing more on the internet. Pre-conference Reports will be found on the Annual Conference web page by the middle of May once they have all been put together by your Conference Secretary. Since we are going green the need to have an early deadline for Pre-Conference Reports being turned into the Conference Secretary is no longer necessary. Thus this year all reports are being asked to be turned in to the Conference Secretary by April 20.  Please know that I would be happy to receive reports earlier if they are done. Reports should be sent via email to Louie@desertsw.org . I thank all in advance who are compiling reports for getting them to me on time, if not early.

Most of us know that it is important to get our hotel reservations made early if we want to make sure we have a room at the Renaissance Hotel since the rooms fill up and overflow hotels and motels are sometimes used. This year there will NOT be any packets mailed to Lay Members to Annual Conference. Everything will be found on the Annual Conference website and that includes information needed to make your hotel reservations. I invite you all to go to http://desertsouthwestconference.org/annualconference so you can make your hotel reservations if you plan to stay at the Conference hotel.

The last item that I want to bring forth is that there is a new way for clergy to be excused from Annual Conference, whether it be a day or more away from our sessions. In the past, clergy were required to write a letter to the Annual Conference Secretary requesting the Bishop to excuse them for a session or more if need be. Our new procedure will be:  Any clergy requesting to be excused from all or a portion of the Annual Conference session must request in writing to the District Superintendent with a copy of that letter to the Bishop. The Cabinet and Bishop will determine what appropriate reasons for excuses are. The District Superintendent makes a decision on each request, communicates that in writing and gives the Conference Secretary a list of those being excused. If anyone has any question regarding this new procedure I invite them to contact me, Louie Lyon, Conference Secretary and I’ll try to help answer your question(s).

Be looking in future issues of the Desert Connection for more exciting changes taking place for this upcoming Annual Conference.

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