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by | Sep 16, 2013 | Communications

by Christina Dillabough, Director of Communications

DSCC LogoThe next meeting of the Communications Commission is scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the Conference Center and is open to the general public. Among other agenda items, a training opportunity will always be included at each Communications Commission meeting. This next meeting will offer training for editing a drupal-based website. This training will be the first of many opportunities for editors of desertsouthwestconference.org to access and edit previously authorized areas of the conference website.

As Conference Communicators we spread the message of the amazing ministry within and around The Desert Southwest Conference. We strive to meet regularly to envision, encourage, and equip staff and volunteers to distribute communications pertinent to the mission and strategic direction of the annual conference. As administrators of the conference communication channels, our mission is to be a vital resource to the leaders and local churches of our conference and the general church for the purpose of elevating ministry efforts that create new disciples of Jesus and the transformation of the world. In order to do this we must partner together and commit to being a resource to each other. Through conference communications channels, churches can share their resources with other churches or ministry groups. In addition, the conference can develop new resources to fill the void where local church resources are slim or too expensive to consider.

For example, most churches host Vacation Bible School and choose between the same 2-3 themes and build sets or create costumes for those themes. Why not pass on the beautiful decorations and costumes to another church after VBS is over? By offering a place on our website for churches to post their VBS dates and themed resources available, churches with limited resources can know where to go to access free, hand crafted items and offer a more dynamic program for the children of their neighborhood. In turn, that church can also post their VBS dates and resources available in order to pass on the items once again. The communications department will create forms and signs that can be downloaded and printed by churches regardless of the theme.

Another resource in development is an online Conference-hosted presence where individuals can upload their original photos and artwork about a particular topic such as any of the four areas of our strategic direction: New Faith Communities, Leadership Development, Social Holiness, and Dynamic Worship. These inspirational images could be used as worship Power Point backdrops, newsletter images, and included in promotional materials at no cost to the local church. Some of the artwork will be printed and displayed at the Conference Center along with details about the artist and if the original work is available for purchase. The communications department can create artwork for seasonal invitations or outreach postcards that can be customized for church events and have those items available for download as well.

The Communications department is striving to be a vital resource for the local church and extension ministries. Imagine ways that Communications can help in igniting, revitalizing, and expanding the ministries of our Conference. Submit ideas and recommendations, to communications@dscumc.org .

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