Children’s Sabbath is a time to celebrate children

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By Ginny Hildebrand, Children and Poverty Task Force

Daily we hear about children throughout the world, in our communities, or even our very own neighborhood who suffer from the ravages of hunger, homelessness, poor health, disease and violence. Our precious children, who represent our future, our life, and our love are at risk of all of these horrors that also create real barriers for them to know and experience God, and achieve the best they can be.

In the social justice and Christian traditions, we have voluntarily created Children’s Sabbath as a way, not only to honor children, but to recognize our commitment to right the wrongs that harm children and to ask for God’s guidance to create a better place for the children who are entrusted to us.

The Desert Southwest Conference’s Children and Poverty Task Force is encouraging every worshiping congregation to designate one Sabbath worship during the year as your Sabbath to lift up children—not only the children in your congregation, but also those children beyond your touch. Children’s Sabbath is officially celebrated the third weekend of October. This year it is October 18-20, but it actually may be celebrated any Sabbath of the year. It’s not too late to begin your planning for a Children’s Sabbath at your church or fellowship.

To make sure you have tools to create an excellent worship experience for your congregation, the Task Force has drawn together various internet links and is creating a speakers list.

United Methodist:

Children’s Defense Fund:

Annie E. Casey Foundation 2013 Kids Count data manual and online search by county:

Desert Southwest Conference Wesley List:

Contact Billie Fidlin, Conference Children and Poverty Task Force atbfidlin@dscumc.org about the list of speakers willing to help with Children’s Sabbath services.

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