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Colin Noonan, DSC Communications

Every day, thousands of pounds of produce go to waste. Whether picked over at the stores or simply not purchased, unused fruits and vegetables are thrown out daily. But Epworth United Methodist Church is doing their part to change that by putting potential waste to good use.

On Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 8:00-11:00 a.m., Epworth UMC will partner with The 3000 Club, a local and international charitable organization that rescues close to 30 million pounds of fresh produce, through a program called, “Market on the Move” (MOM). Through MOM, The 3000 Club is able to offer a farmer’s market environment at a fraction of the cost for those looking to stock up on farm fresh produce. For a $10 donation, supporters can come and hand-pick up to 60 pounds of produce.

Epworth understands the MOM event has the potential to be more than just a local farmer’s market. Rev. Beverly Worden Devine envisions it as a means for community outreach. “This is an opportunity for churches to buy produce at a low price and help their community,” said Rev. Devine. She encourages individuals to purchase $10-$20 worth of produce at the MOM event on Saturday, November 16, 2013 and then distribute free fresh produce to their own community after worship on Sunday. Epworth UMC benefits from the ongoing event because MOM pays out 10% of the proceeds to the host church.

The 3000 Club also encourages those who support their local MOM event to think beyond themselves and to use the produce to benefit neighbors, schools, or church families. “The purpose of the MOM program is for people to share the produce with their family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone they know who may be in need.”

An event like MOM does not happen without others willing to step up and serve. “We’re expecting 500 people to be there that morning,” said Rev. Devine. With the high expectation of attendees, Epworth plans to train and equip a team of volunteers to be ready to serve. A volunteer potluck and training will be held on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. to prepare those who are willing to serve on Saturday, November 16, 2013. Founder Lon Taylor and President of The 3000 Club, Ethel Luzario, will be on site to personally help in training and preparing volunteers to serve in a number of different roles. Individuals that are interested in learning more about the process in preparation of having their church become a host site are welcome to attend the training and volunteer on the day of the event.

Epworth plans to host MOM every third Saturday of each month through April, 2014. For more information on Market on the Move, or how you can partner with The 3000 Club, visit www.the3000club.org.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfAvPp-n7Vc to find out more about this organization and how to become a volunteer or a supporter.

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