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Bobby Lee Smith, GCFA

What if you could buy the things you need online and give to your church at the same time and at no cost to you or your church?

This isn’t a too-good-to-be-true type of thing. This is the UMCmarket, a shopping portal that pays a commission of 1-9 percent to your church with zero effort on your church’s part and no increased costs to you.

The United Methodist Church, in partnership with some of the largest online retailers, have built a shopping tool that provides a cash benefit for your church when you purchase through the UMCmarket. The retailer does not markup the price any—you still pay what you’d pay as you did before.

Simply create an account at UMCMarket.org and designate the church of your choosing. Then when you’re ready to buy, just log into your UMCmarket account and shop at any of the partner retailers. A percentage of the sale is given to the beneficiary you designated in your account settings.

Seems too complicated or you don’t want to have to remember to log into your account every time you go shopping? Don’t worry. There’s even an add-on for your Web browser to make the process even easier.

Buy a camera from Amazon? Your church gets a shot of money. Book a trip at Expedia? A veritable money-postcard is delivered to your church. Order a dress from Macy’s? A virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade marches into your church’s office like a float made of money.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today at http://www.UMCmarket.org.

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Author: DSC

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