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by | Jan 15, 2014 | Communications

By Christina Dillabough, Director of Communications

Conference communications channels are currently under assessment. The Desert Connection online and digital newsletter will continue to evolve as content and reader feedback is collected. A link to download the PDF will be e-mailed to all active DSC clergy, DSC churches, and the Lay Leader of each local church on a monthly basis. It will include popular articles published in the Desert Connection online with resource recommendations from our new Regional Media Center (a free video library available to all churches of the DSC).

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Become a beta-tester for the newly-designed www.desertconnection.org. Just visit the site, spend some time navigating through the pages, and then send an e-mail with your recommendations or comments to

Please visit the new online version of The Desert Connection at www.desertconnection.org, click through the pages, and use the search box and subscribe to the e-mail notifications. Post a comment on any of the articles. Some of the comments already posted include resource recommendations from the Regional Media Center.

Articles will be published online as they are available. Each article will focus on one of the strategic direction priorities of The Desert Southwest Conference and will include a list of additional resources or the first steps to either joining or duplicating the ministry in the article. To receive e-mail notifications of when new content is available use the “Subscribe” option on the lower right side of the www.desertsouthwestconference.org home page.

This new communication channel is geared to celebrate, equip, and engage the leaders of the local church, districts, and conference as we partner together in creating new communities of faith, providing life-changing worship, and identify resources and opportunities for leadership development.

To submit articles for this publication, e-mail communications@dscumc.org and include “Desert Connection” in the subject line. Articles must be 500-700 words long.

Requests for articles on a particular subject or event are also welcome.

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