Easter Blessings and Leadership Development

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Boulder City Review news reporters unanimously praised Boulder City United Methodist Fellowship for saving Easter!

After 60 years of hosting a city-wide annual Easter egg hunt, the Beta Sigma Phi Lambda sorority disbanded, leaving other chapter members to find a way to continue the Easter tradition. Krishun Stanton, a long-time member of Boulder City UMF and member of the sorority considered the dilemma and thought of her church. She began by sharing the idea with Rev. Sandy Johnson who immediately loved the idea.

Rev. Johnson shared the extraordinary effort that Krishun took on to get her church and her sorority to work together:
“When I moved to town last year I wanted to put on a community Easter egg hunt but was told not to because the sorority did it. Last year we sent volunteers to help with the event. When they were going to stop doing it Krishun thought it might be a good thing for our church and presented it to me. I presented it to our council and it was initially voted down. I was out of town at my sister-in-law’s funeral and wasn’t there to fully explain what would be involved. They were concerned about the number of volunteers required and the cost of the event.

IMG_2541Krishun felt so strongly it was an event we should do that when it was rejected, she approached our council chairwoman, Barbara Paulsen and asked permission to get more information to present to the council to alleviate their concerns. I met with the organizers and our new events chairwoman, Tanya Devour. Armed with complete details about how to run the event, I presented it again to the council. They agreed to the event and are now behind it 100%.

It really was God moving in our community and bringing us a great way to be face to face with so many of our neighbors. We look forward to providing this event for Boulder City and pray that some who are without a church home will consider us when they are searching for a church.”

Local news couldn’t say enough about this partnership
“United Methodist to take over annual egg hunt” was the title of one news brief in the Boulder City Review. Rev. Sandy Johnson was quoted saying, “It made sense for a church to take on this event. Our fellowship is about bringing members of the community together using these types of events.”

IMG_2557Typically at this event, approximately 300 people participate. This year’s egg hunt began at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 12 at Wilbur Square Park in downtown Boulder City. With the help and participation of the church, about 700 people attended! In an article titled, “Egg hunt called a success” by Hali Bernstein Saylor,  she quoted Cheryl Bruce of Beta Sigma Phi as saying, “The sorority is very thankful that the United Methodist fellowship is going to pick up where we left off.”

“Church members worked alongside the sorority this year, learning along the way, eager to take charge next year,” said an editorial titled, “Time closes some doors, opens others” in the Boulder City Review.

Rev. Sandy Johnson said, “We believe our growth is due to our willingness to go where the community is and work alongside of folks instead of inviting them to ‘church.’  These types of events help us to foster relationships that result in expanding the Kingdom and making new disciples for Jesus Christ.”

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