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Churches in the Desert Southwest Conference have done an outstanding job in raising funds as well as raising awareness of malaria and many are advancing with steady momentum. Several churches have achieved their goals or have surpassed them, and some churches are just getting started. It’s not too late to get on board. To date, the Desert Southwest Conference has raised more funds per church member than most, if not all other Conferences. We are determined to meet our ambitious goal to raise $2,000,000 and save 200,000 lives. We are small in numbers but mighty in spirit!

It is important that we recognize the churches that have achieved their goals or are working hard toward that end. We will renew our Conference campaign with a celebration of those churches. Thank you for your hard work K9207and determination to save lives.

In the next few months and years, we face several challenges as we are determined to achieve our Conference goal. Churches in the Conference pledged a total $1,700,000, but still need to contribute over $414,000 to meet their pledged amounts. As the Conference INM Coordinator, I am willing to meet with you to help develop a campaign strategy to reach or surpass your church goal.

It is a priority of the Imagine No Malaria team to raise church goals to $2,000,000 by Annual Conference in June 2015. We are $300,000 short of church goals. I recommend that churches, especially those that have not been active in the Imagine No Malaria campaign, readdress their goals and contact the INM team for support.

DomingosIf you have not done so, please consider making a pledge today. Pledges tied to a credit card are as good as cash toward our Conference goal. A pledge of $1000 saves 100 lives. A $1000 pledge paid over three years is only $28/month. Many, if not most, of our members can do this.

A pledge of $10,000 saves 1000 lives. A $10,000 pledge paid over 3 years is $280.00/month. Imagine saving 1000 lives! Someone reading this may be inspired to commit to making a special gift of this kind. To make a pledge, please click here.

Rolly Loomis
Imagine No Malaria Field Coordinator
Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church

Editor’s Notes:

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When on social media, follow and use #worldmalariaday if you are planning an event for April 25 or use #ImagineNoMalaria or #UMC for any other date.

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