Unexpected Serendipities

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By Karen Spencer-Barnes

In mid-November, three members of Red Mountain United Methodist Church’s Matthew 25:36 Prison Ministry team met with a couple from Illinois whose son had been murdered by his girlfriend in 2010 while he was a student at ASU.  The young lady is presently in Perryville Prison in Goodyear, AZ.  She is required by law to pay minimal restitution to the parents each month.  They have been putting that money into an account, not knowing what they should do with it.

"Comfort through the cold" Illustration by Maryanne Chisholm

“Comfort through the cold” Illustration by Maryanne Chisholm

This week the team coordinator for Matthew 25:26 Prison Ministry received a call from the mother saying she had been praying about it and felt God was guiding them to give the restitution money to Red Mountain’s Matthew 25:36 Prison Ministry.  The ministry is overwhelmed at their generosity but equally aware of their trust in the integrity of how these funds will be used for women in need.  The check arrived in early January for $1,587.74 with more coming each month when they receive the restitution.

God does indeed work among us with the power of the Holy Spirit in serendipitous and surprising ways!

For more information about this ministry please email Karen Spencer-Barnes from Red Mountain UMC at kspencerbarnes@gmail.com.

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