The Gun Violence Awareness Task Force: An Introduction

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Gun Violence Awareness

By Rev. Howard J. Moses, Chair

The Gun Violence Awareness Task Force was initiated this year as both a continuation of Bishop Robert Hoshibata’s dialogue on the subject, and as a part of Church and Society.

Its mission statement is simple:  The mission of the Gun Violence Awareness Task Force is to promote dialogue, information, and education about gun violence among the people of God.

The task force agreed not to be political, but we are of one accord that the facts need to be examined both dispassionately and compassionately at the local congregation, district, and Conference levels.

In the coming months, we will be making informational resources available, as well as publishing articles intended to examine various aspects of the issue of Gun Violence. Upcoming article subjects include suicide, family and domestic violence, “It’s Not Them,” Arizona and Nevada gun laws, “Access for Everyone?,” “Mental Illness, Gun Violence and Race,” and “Who Do You Believe?”

The other contributors will speak for themselves, if they choose to share what brought them to the task force. What brought me, along with my pastor’s invitation, was the loss of a brother-in-law and strong belief, as a non-gun owner, in both the rights and the responsibilities of gun ownership and use. I deeply believe that, as United Methodist Christians, we cannot ignore gun violence. We must, in fact, look at all the facts if we are going to be able to generate positive and constructive policy suggestions as both people of faith and as citizens.

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