On Vacation with Dan

by | Jul 25, 2016 | North District Web Page

Summertime — a time for the child in all of us. A wonderful time for a break from the usual routines and sometimes hectic pace of the rest of the year. A time to get away and rest, relax, and play.

Soon, Bonnie and I will get away…

Out of the heat. Out of the day-to-day business as usual. Out of reach of the cell phone. Into the green spaces and waters of Seattle and Alaska. Into restful, reclining positions to read and day dream. Into play time with daughters.

I hope you have those Out-of and In-to places and times this summer as well. They are a part of Sabbath and renewal times the Lord calls us to so that we can simply enjoy life, and also become re-energized to re-engage and serve in more fruitful ways.

However, even though it is time for a break and to play — I am mindful and prayerful for the concerns in the world these days. I shall continue to pray for peace and justice in our nation and world as we are facing escalating violence in our communities. I shall intentionally seek ways to share actions of peace and reconciliation in as many occasions or instances I can place myself. I shall more fervently seep myself in scripture which calls us to live into God’s grace, and Christ’s forgiving love. I shall live boldly and speak out and up when I hear the use of racial slurs and demeaning language toward others. I shall not take a break from living as a disciple of Jesus Christ and being a beacon of hope and channel of grace.

Will you join me in such a summertime of being a child of God? We can and do make a difference in this world.

In Christ’s Peace and Grace,


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Author: North District

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