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by | Aug 15, 2016 | North District Web Page

Along with many blessings there are always challenges in our ministry at the local church and in our communities. I have experienced this in every church I have served. Now as a Superintendent, I see it 30 times over. Of course, the closer we get to the workings of anything, the more we see the difficult and hard things.

I previously shared with you that I needed to tear down walls to complete the renovation of a bathroom in our home. Once I began looking beyond the surface, I found much work needing to be done. Along the way, there have been many interruptions and unforeseen challenges. I have needed to rally my resolve and persevere to get the job done.

Renovated bathroomThere were times I felt as though I had reached my maximum of capacity, capability, and creativity. But then I would reimagine and remind myself of the goal and the vision of a new bathroom. There are so many parallels here to our ministry through the local church and I will leave most to your thoughts and imaginings.

The point is – in our places of ministry, we have challenging and daunting work to do which can overwhelm us. Let us keep the greater vision and persevere. Let us not overly focus upon distractions and problems and issues, but rather upon the greater vision of being the church of grace, reconciliation, and justice. Let us look forward to God’s call through Jesus Christ to see the Kingdom in which all gather around the Throne.

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Author: North District

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