Week of August 22, 2016

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Haboob over Ransom Canyon

Waiting in the cell phone lot at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport provides an interesting view of humanity.

There are those who act as if those around them are simply a nuisance.

There are those who do not notice anyone or anything around them.

And then there are those who speak to you and end up blessing you, even though you have never met before.

One such brother did just this as we were both noticing the haboob blowing through the Valley of the Sun. We had a nice chat, then concluded with a prayer for all of those who were traveling before we continued our journeys in the name of the Son.

Such meetings point to the voice of God because God is always speaking, and when God speaks, God creates.

Listening for the ongoing Voice of God requires humble listening, and with that truth in mind, please consider the following:

“As Christians we share the good news that God can be heard, understood, and obeyed. We have scriptures, nature, history, and the stories of our lives that speak God’s truth. Further we have the capacity to “hear” God’s voice deep within our own souls. Through the centuries, faithful listeners have discovered ways to sharpen their listening skills. Practices and disciplines increase our desire and capacity to be faithful to what we hear and know to be the voice of God. John Wesley called these practices “means of grace,” that is, practices that mediate God’s love, will, presence, and power in very special ways. A God for whom all things are possible may use any and all things to address us. And yet it seems most often the voice and message of God are heard and the presence and power of God are felt when people quietly, fervently, and faithfully pray, worship, witness, and serve humankind. Do you want to hear God speak to you? Polish up your practices of prayer, worship, witness, and service, and you will be amazed at what you hear.” —Rueben P. Job

How are we as the Body of Christ praying, worshiping, witnessing, and serving in our communities?

As friends in Christ we have a wonderful opportunity to deepen and expand upon these means of grace through an upcoming training sponsored by the Desert Southwest Conference and led by Jim Griffith of Griffith Coaching.

This excellent opportunity will take place at Prescott Valley UMC on Friday, October 28 – Saturday, October 29. Jim led the Day of Learning at this past Annual Conference gathering and is one of the best resources and trainers in the area of reaching new people. For more information or to register, please go to: https://www.dscumc.org/newpeople

Do we as the church see new comers as a nuisance, do we ignore them, or do we embrace every opportunity to share the love and grace of God? Please join with me in listening to the ever present Voice of God as we continue on this journey together.

As always, God continues to churn within each of us in surprising ways. God in Christ Jesus loves us to holy excess. God speaks into our lives in every breath of the Spirit. And the grace of God is what defines us.

I look forward to our continued journey together, and I thank God for each of you as you seek to share love in the name of the Resurrected One.

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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