2017 East District Local Church Discipleship

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Saturday, February 11, 2017
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Paradise Valley UMC
4455 E. Lincoln Dr., Paradise Valley

Local Church Discipleship (previously Leadership Training) is an event connecting clergy, resourcing leaders, and discipling congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

$15.00 on or before January 31
$20.00 after January 31
Lunch will be provided to all in attendance and is included in your registration fee. We offer FREE childcare and lunch for registered infants and children of all ages. Contact Carla at 602-798-8236 to register for childcare.

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Workshop Opportunities:
Beyond Demographics—Growing inequality is bad news for everyone. How can we overcome inequality so all God’s people can flourish? The gospel promises something new and better. Let’s talk about how your church can point the way.

Just Say Yes—Unleashing Creativity, Passion & Power to reach new people, start new ministries and touch the lives of God’s people in the process.

Grab / Gather / Grow—Non-Traditional Church Outreach —These three verbs give direction to mobilize your church to achieve dynamic growth in discipleship, ministry and spiritual relationships with proven results.

Respectful Conversations—Not all steps of faith are easy to take. When differences of opinions arise disciples of Christ find healthy ways to have respectful conversations to enable them to move beyond conflict and recover a sense of purpose.

Spirituality of Giving—How to experience freedom during times of Congregational Struggle.

Empowering Lay Servants—Lay Servant Ministries encourage and empower lay people to seek opportunities for service in active ministries in support of their local congregations and beyond.

Open Table—Transformational ministry with those in poverty (young adults, vets, LGBTQ) is a walking together through a process toward wholeness. Open Table provides a way for your church to partner with others who look for change in their lives.

Single Board Governance—The traditional committee structure of the church challenges small membership churches. This design offers a streamlined structure to empower greater ministry.

God Unbound—a Session for Clergy —Rev. N. Susan Brims, East District Superintendent


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