South District: “Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!”

by | Dec 26, 2016 | South District Newsletter

January 8, 11:45 at St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church
(4625 E. River Road, Tucson, AZ)

This is a video that we all should see! Even if you think you know a lot about this subject, we’ll bet you’ll be surprised as you learn more about the resources for school administrators, teachers and parents for preventing sexual harassment and responding appropriately to sexual assault and gender-based harassment.

In a recent study 81% of the students surveyed at K-12 schools said that they had experienced sexual harassment during the school day.

Our schools are trying hard to create an environment where students can learn and thrive because they feel safe. Recently they have begun to work hard to prevent bullying and many schools are striving to eliminate sexual assault and gender-based harassment. But many teachers and administrators are still poorly trained and many parents are unaware of the resources that are available. We’ll bet you will be surprised by how much you learn!

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Author: District Office

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