Upcoming Training on Creative Worship

by | Jan 3, 2017 | East District Newsletter

The Creative Worship Conference provides training to assist pastors, worship leaders, and design teams to develop creative, innovative, and relevant worship experiences. Trainings will help you in:

  • Developing scripturally based metaphors
  • Developing a proactive design team
  • Developing a music repertoire that enhances and supports the Gospel Message
  • Developing strategies to attract the community for worship

By embracing dance, drama, visual art, media arts every church can develop worship services on a modest budget that deepen the engagement of current members and attracts new visitors. The Creative Worship Conference is designed for small and medium sized churches, rural and urban, multi staff and no staff. The cost is affordable for everyone and includes lunch. Register before January 15 and the cost is only $39.

The Creative Worship Conference uses practitioners rather than professional facilitators who are familiar with the unique challenges of the churches in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. The resources that will be provided and recommended will be easily accessible for the churches. The facilitators include:

  • Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions
  • Jacob Armstrong and the Providence Worship Team
  • Jackson Henry Director of Music Ministries with Discipleship Ministries
  • Stephen Handy lead pastor at McKendree UMC
  • William T Chaney Jr SEJ New Church Strategist

To learn more and register to attend this training click here.

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Author: East District

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