Conference Prayer Request Jan 14-20

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Pastor Robin Lee

Prayers are requested for Pastor Robin Lee, senior pastor of Hope UMC in the North District. Pastor Lee will have outpatient back surgery on January 23, 2017. Please keep Pastor Lee and his family in your prayers during this difficult time. (Published Jan 18)

Rev. Agustin Jimenez

Prayers are requested for Reverend Agustin Jimenez, pastor of Santa Clara UMC in the South District. Rev. Jimenez’s father, Agustin Jimenez, passed away on January 15, 2017. Please keep Rev. Jimenez and his family in your prayers during this difficult time. (Published Jan 17)

Prayer Requests are emailed to members of the clergy covenant in the Desert Southwest Conference after the family has given permission to do so. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. The messages above are the prayer requests for this week.

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Author: DSC Communications

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