God is Active in the World and in Our Lives in Many Ways

by | Jan 24, 2017 | West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

Storm Clouds over ocean

“God is active in the world and in our lives in many ways. We may feel the mystery of God as we view storm clouds brewing over an azure ocean. We may experience the love of God when we are comforted by a friend. We may be filled with the compassion of God as we attend a conference on the plight of the homeless. We may be blessed by the peace of God during prayer or troubled by the challenges of God as we study the Bible. God comes to us in our conscious and unconscious experiences, for God is in all of life. There are times when God’s activity seems clear: a specifically answered prayer, the saving of a seemingly unredeemable situation, strength which is wondrously given at just the right moment. Other times, we recognize God’s interaction with us only in hindsight when we take time to reflect on our lives.”
—Anne Broyles, “One More Door into God’s Presence,” Weavings

God is active in the world, always and already.

This is a truth that can be trusted and that we experience in countless ways, some of which were named in the words of Anne Broyles.

Our West District Leadership Training on Saturday, February 4 at Dove of the Desert UMC will be a time to experience God’s creative touch in our journey of faith.

I invite you to this time together as sisters and brothers in Christ as we open ourselves to the activity of God in our lives. You have received the information about this gathering already, so simply receive these words as one colleague in ministry to another.

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I look forward to seeing you, and it is a privilege to serve with you.

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Rev. Neil Leftwich
West District Superintendent

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Author: Neil Leftwich

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