Are you searching for a mission opportunity within the United States? Check out the following United Methodist Volunteers in Mission projects:


Weed, California is looking for teams in 2017 to help with the rebuilding of homes after a wildfire in 2014. Contact Brenda Duchi at bjoyd.wltrg@gmail.com  or call at (503) 408-0023 Click here to download the Weed project brochure.  

There are several other Long Term Recovery and UMVIM construction sites requesting teams for 2017. Contact Shari Sandoval at sharis@ calnevumc.org or Linda Caldwell at lindac@calnevumc.org  or go to the Cal/Nev Disaster Response website for more information.


There are three sites needing UMVIM teams in Alaska this summer. Contact Rev Dan Wilcox the Alaska UMVIM Coordinator for specifics on the type of projects and their locations. Dan’s email is danielpwilcox@gmail.com

Pacific Northwest

There is a continuing need for UMVIM teams to help rebuild homes in Okanagan County. They are hoping to build as many as 15 houses this year. Contact Rosalee Mohney at rmohney@comcast.net for more information.


Prepare yourself for service through prayer and training. Contact the Desert Southwest Conference UMVIM coordinators, Mike and/or Lorraine Eyer at clnmwe@gmail.com, before going on your trip to ensure you have all the training and information that you need. If you/your team is already trained, go ahead and connect directly with the Conference contact listed above.

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Author: DSC Communications

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