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by | Jan 31, 2017 | East District Newsletter, East District News Webpage

Apportionments are the first missional priority of the local church. It enables the local church to engage in ministries that are larger than any of us could do alone. Through a challenging year of changes and growth the East District was able to increase its overall apportionment participation. Along the way our connection between churches has been strengthened.

I want to give a special word of thanks to North Scottsdale UMC and Desert Mission UMC. Their belief in the connection and their gratitude for all that God has done in their churches has led these two congregations to assist two other churches in the District to reach 100% of their apportionment participation. In addition to that wonderful statement of faith, several of our churches stretched their faith, some reaching 100% for the first time in years. Others increasing their participation significantly. Some of the stories I have heard about how these churches have accomplished this goal had to do with their belief that they really were seeing apportionments as mission work. One church took a step of faith and as a matter of spiritual discipline sent in a check every week. The email they sent when they realized their spiritual discipline empowered them to meet their goal was filled with words of great joy. One of our ethnic churches, the Tongan UMC congregation, saw a commitment to the connection of The United Methodist Church as being so strong that they gave 133%.

Thank you for a great year of giving. Lives are truly transformed because of what you do.

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Rev. N. Susan Brims
Missional Strategist & Superintendent

East District
Desert Southwest Conference
The United Methodist Church

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