Hello North District!

It is always an excellent time when our North District leadership gathers together. When we unite in our covenant of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, the Spirit is strong with us.

Our worship time together focused upon Acts 10 — the account is engaging — it is energizing — it is riveting. The experience of Cornelius and Peter is something we can see, hear, feel, and believe even through the ancient text. Through this account we are engaged because Cornelius and Peter are engaged and the Spirit comes through. God gives Cornelius and Peter independent visions which explosively engage and lead the Jesus movement beyond human-made boundaries and walls.

Our United Methodist Church has in its heritage and heart a way of connecting and engaging in ministry together. This engaging connection makes us stronger and effective the more we use it. We are designed to express the passage from Romans 12 about being the body with many parts, each with a function and purpose.

We meet in conferencing because through doing so, we have the potential to grow and expand in a vital ministry of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. Conferencing is about connecting and engaging with one another to further our calling as disciples.

In this edition of our North District E-News, you can read about the witness of our newly emerging UM Church in North Las Vegas. Their website is also a place to learn much more — https://gcumc.aboundant.com/. In the coming weeks, more will be shared about the Conference.

On Mission for Christ,

Rev. Daniel R. Morley
Superintendent – Missional Strategist
North District, Desert Southwest Conference
United Methodist Church

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Author: North District

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