Fresh Expressions

by | Feb 14, 2017 | East District Newsletter, East District News Webpage

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Dear Friends,

When we were at an meeting of the Council of Bishops and Extended Cabinet one of the Bishops shared about a movement called “Fresh Expressions.”  This is a movement that is sweeping over England and now the eastern part of the United States.

Click here to read an article by Dr. Lowett Weems, Jr. about the Fresh Expression Movement.

If you know of other resources that you may want to share, please feel free to let the District Office know and we will share them.

If there are resources you are looking for send those questions as well.  The churches in the East District are a great place to do crowdsourcing.

Rev. N. Susan Brims
Missional Strategist and Superintendent

East District
Desert Southwest Conference
The United Methodist Church

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Author: Susan Brims

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