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by | Feb 14, 2017 | North District Newsletter, North District Web Page

Young people together

Reaching new people
by Rev. Dan Morley

Reaching new people for Christ was a movement John Wesley began in the mid 1700s in the neighborhoods of London. It was a movement which swept the emerging new America and Methodist communities began with each pioneering community.

Today, a fresh United Methodist movement of Reaching New People across the Desert Southwest Conference is afoot. It begins with a small group in a local church determined to discover new ways to connect with the people in the neighborhood and share the love of Christ. Then, more people in the church discover the joys of reaching new people and the movement expands.

Stories are being shared of the meaningful experiences and creative, innovative ways of reaching new people. In this and coming North District E-News, these stories will be shared. May they inspire you to be a part of the movement and reach out in Christian friendship to someone new.

Steve James, one of our Reaching New People coaches reminds us “when we encourage each other to get out of the castle and connect with people in our community, that is the first step in making disciples.” Steve links us to this 2-minute clip of Pastor Francis Chan – Click here to view.

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