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by | Feb 21, 2017 | North District Newsletter, North District Web Page

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Connecting to people who serve our community
Paul Nickerson, Reaching new People Coach

One of the wonderful blessings of being a Coach, is that I get to hear from churches across the country.  I periodically will send updates on “stuff that works,” activities that churches have done to connect them with their community.  Today’s topic is how churches relate to people in their town who serve them (Police, Fire, town officials, teaches, etc.)  I hope one of these practices you can adapt to your church and community setting and make a difference.

Creative Ideas

  1. “Adopt a Cop”:  Have the children of your church school deliver a monthly note or picture to their police officer 
  2. “Hometown Heroes”:  Have a contest in your town inviting the public to nominate  people who have done outstanding service to the community and then honor that person or group during a worship service 
  3.   Deliver a birthday cake each month to your local fire department and celebrate the birthdays of firefighters 
  4.   Have a “thank you” dinner for the community (at a community hall) and hand-deliver invitations to postal workers, librarians, school principals, trash collectors, etc. 
  5.  When a local school has a “meet the teacher” night, serve the teachers a meal at the school. 
  6.  On a holiday deliver meals to those who have to work, such as hospital employees, gas station attendants, hotel workers, etc. 
  7. In farming communities, have a “Harvest Blessing” day and honor those who grow and deliver food. 
  8. Deliver breakfast to school bus drivers at the “bus barn” and thank them for safely driving the children


Two resources about connecting with the community

  • This five-minute video by Lewis Center Director Lovett H. Weems, Jr., provides an overview of the importance of community engagement to the church. CLICK HERE 
  • Take a look at this list of 50-Ways to Take the Church into the Community – CLICK HERE

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