Marcia McFee and Chuck BellCollaboration

A Ground-Breaking One-Day Workshop for Clergy and Musicians

Saturday, March 18
First United Methodist Church
5510 N Central Ave, Phoenix

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In decades of worship consultation, Dr. Marcia McFee has found that in churches where the clergy/musician relationship is healthy and collaborative, the worship life of the congregation flourishes. When it isn’t, both parties are often miserable in their ministries. In this ground-breaking workshop, Dr. McFee teams up with collaborator and music consultant Chuck Bell to offer a new way of honing practical skills and building a common vocabulary that will inspire and transform your collaboration, your relationship, and your worship design and leadership!

Sunday comes around every week. And no matter the size or style of worship, clergy and musicians are in a constant act of working together to “produce or create something”–of co-laboring to bring the Word of God alive. Do you have a desire for the creative process to be more clear and have a common vocabulary to take the work to a deeper and higher level? Would you like to bring a sensory-rich expression of the Word that touches mind and heart in powerful ways week after week?

Dr. Marcia McFee and Mr. Chuck Bell are offering a ground-breaking one-day workshop that brings clergy and musicians together in a learning environment that will enrich collaborations with exciting creative processes and skills.

Topics include: strategies for planning together and planning ahead; layering of art forms for sensory-rich communication; the matrix of choosing congregational song and ensemble/instrumental music; writing and speaking techniques that make words come alive and create more deeply spiritual worship; accompaniment techniques for making sound beds and creating artful transitions; effective song leading and verbal introductions to music

$25/person, includes lunch
Registration deadline March 11

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