Pet Blessings by Journey UMC

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For the second year in a row, Journey UMC had a pet blessing booth at the Las Vegas Pet Expo.  “We blessed over 200 animals, mostly dogs of all different breeds but there were also a few reptiles,” reported Rev. Ann Thomas.  “The booth is a great way to meet new people from all over the valley, talk about their pets and their families and introduce them to the church.  Many people were touched and surprised that we would care for their animals.” In addition to the blessings, Journey offered candles people could light in memory of a departed pet.











Those who worked the booth said it was a blessing to do so.  Tim Thomas, who also worked the booth last year, even received news that a paralyzed bearded dragon he prayed over made a full recovery after last year’s blessing!  Another owner, whose dog was terminally ill, said the blessing gave her the comfort and courage she needed to “do what had to be done.”









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Author: North District

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