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Youth Services

Golden Gate Youth Services has 38 youth –including some teen volunteers- enrolled for 2016-2017. Additionally, there are 80 teen/adult “members” (pay a fee for using space and having other programs). A group of our teens will attend the annual “Game Changers” event on March 4, at the Grand Canyon University. The conference conducts various workshops from which they may choose in order to support their continuing education. The annual spring break for both programs at Golden Gate and Wesley is March 13-17. Following the “break,” leadership will promote and enroll participants for the 2017 summer program. This year, summer activities will be conducted at both the Wesley Center and Golden Gate Center sites. Donations are needed to help facilitate these activities.

  • Donations for the cost of the field trip during the spring break to a museum on a city bus. Many of our participants and staff have “never ridden a city bus or light rail.”
  • Once again, for summer 2017, snacks will be necessary for the summer Youth Services programs (at both Wesley and Golden Gate sites). Note: For the past two years, we have indeed, been “blessed” that the summer snack donations have been so generous that we did not need to make any purchases for those items. In advance, I thank you for your continuing assistance.

    Maria Saldano, Youth Services director

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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