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A Workshop. . . 
Seeking answers? Plug into the Source by Rev. Terri Hubbard

Prayer, Intuition, & Listening for God’s Guidance in everything you do – Practical tools using your inner wisdom to create a stronger current to the Divine – Learn to keep your circuits clean and clear so that your connection to the power grid is working its best.


A Report. . .
Oasis Campus Ministry of University of Nevada, Las Vegas by Rev. Susan Holden

Rev. Susan Holden

Your Campus Ministry outreach to UNLV is continuing to grow and develop. We have grown in our leadership and visibility on campus, largely through our facilitation of interfaith collaboration among students. The interfaith and ecumenical relationships that were at one time supported by the administration at UNLV were severed several years ago, and an effort to revitalize it is in process. Our work as a student group has been at the grass roots level, meeting students in common gathering spaces and organizing social events, like hiking, kickball, and common meals together. Our plans for collaboration include an additional four events already scheduled for the spring semester, 2017.

The second focus of our ministry continues to reach out in practical ways to support the spiritual health of all students, faculty, and staff on the UNLV campus. We have been consistent with our presence on the campus and in the community, both as the OASIS Student Group, and as the United Methodist Church. Our presence is noted and appreciated in our weekly Free Speech Zone outreach efforts where we offer coffee, snacks, respite, conversation, and prayer. Our average engagement with students each week in this context is 15-20.

In the spring of 2016, we collaborated with several student groups to organize “The One Humanity Project” to raise awareness of the plight of refugees worldwide. Our contribution, made possible by Boulder City UMC and University UMC, was enough supplies to assemble 250 health kits for UMCOR.

In the fall 2016, we hosted a weekly study at The Coffee Bean located across from the Student Un-ion. Our study resources have included “The Heart of Christianity” and “Living the Questions.” The study scheduled in spring 2017 will be “Naked Spirituality” by Brian McLaren. We are discerning ways to accommodate flexible schedules in order to allow more students to attend.

A new initiative, which began in the fall of 2016, involves collaboration with Children’s Attorneys Project, Open Table, and students in the School of Social Work. A number of the young adults who have aged out of the Foster Care system attend one or more of our institutions of higher education in Clark County. These students often need support to successfully navigate the challenges of academic, social, and economic responsibilities. We continue to dialogue and connect with these groups to determine how God might be calling us to work together to form a network of support, especially for college students.

One of our primary goals for the coming year is to increase the involvement of our local churches and wider community in supporting all college students. For example, in December, college students and parishioners from University UMC , OASIS students, and our Conference joined efforts in our Sidewalk Sunday School outreach to Palos Verdes. Our churches also sent “Care Packages” to students who were out of state. This kind of inclusive and supportive collaboration is life-giving and connectional. I am grateful to our United Methodist connection for the opportunity to minister and serve on the UNLV campus.



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