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Rev. Terri Hubbard

Rev. Terri Hubbard

At the 2017 North District Conference, there were many workshops and presentations. No one was able to attend each and every one and for anyone who missed the event all-together, here are a couple more highlights . . .

A Workshop. . . 
‘Seeking answers? Plug into the Source’ by Rev. Terri Hubbard

We began with introductions, a Blessings from Jan Richardson and a brief guided centering.

We had a lively group discussion around intuitive guidance and how we might increase our capacity to listen to God, particularly through our bodies. In particular, we looked at our ability to have a gut response to the world, because of the sheer amount of receptors in our gut compared to our brain.

Intuition is a form (I think the best form) for listening to God’s guidance. Our bodies are a resource that we often overlook and they offer direct guidance to answer questions.

We had an open discussion answering the question How do you listen for God’s guidance and how does God speak to you?

Some of the responses included: sermons, worship, answers to prayer, sunsets, children, animals, scripture, music, art, movies.

Two steps to stay connected – see handout below

  1. Decluttering creates space for something new (including a stronger relationship with God), it can create time, and space and new ways of thinking .
  2. Ways to create a clean and clear connection (having a calm and open heart)

One of the important things we need to do is pull out the things that are blocking our way. We need to create space for intuitive work to happen.

I asked everyone to share 1 thing that they could do in the few days following our discussion that would help them continue this learning into their daily lives.

This was a very interactive workshop with great participation!

Here is a link to a guided meditation to offer further guidance on this topic:



Seeking answers? Plug into the Source
Rev. Terri Hubbard

Prayer, Intuition, & Listening for God’s Guidance in everything you do.
Practical tools using your inner wisdom to create a stronger current to the Divine. Learn
to keep your circuits clean and clear so that your
connection to the power grid is working its best.

Create in me a clean heart, O God,and put a new and right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 NRSV

How does God’s guidance come to you?

How do we stay connected?

Declutter – making this a spiritual activity in all the areas of our lives
-clean up – our physical spaces – our homes, cars, garages, work spaces
-clean up – our minds – old thought and behaviors, old stories and tapes
we run in our heads, negativity, judgements
-clean up – our hearts – our emotions (maybe some forgiveness is needed
here), surrender and letting go, toxic relationships
-clean up – our bodies – what we take in – food – media – (tv, radio,
magazines, social media etc)

A Clean and Clear Connection = Calm and Open Heart
– Centering prayer/meditation
– Time
– Practice
– Gratitude
– Journaling
– Listening
– Asking
– Silence
– Senses
– Being present now
– Nature
– Sharing

If you have questions, contact Rev. Terri Hubbard at:  terriupnorth@gmail.com.  

Also check out the report from the 2017 North District Conference in the next article.

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