Man with a cane

It is amazing what God can do with a person willing to offer their ability or disability, their youth and vigor or their advancing age and declining energy. One of the most beautiful and diverse ministries I’ve ever known rose up out of a Disciple Bible Study in a mill town that had seen its industries flee. See what God did through a handful of willing people.

Many churches offer helping ministries to people in need. But Opportunity House and Narrowgate more closely resemble the church described in Acts 2 than a soup kitchen or food pantry. It all got started when Dan Talbert, Ron Deloney and members of their Disciple Bible Study group heard the call of Christ to reach out to the hard-living people who inhabited the streets and fields around their community. I wonder who Christ has in mind for you to reach in your community?

Keep Reaching!
Yours in Christ, Steve James
www.goseelove.org – steve@goseelove.org

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Author: DSC Communications

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