Southern Nevada Walk to Emmaus

by | Apr 4, 2017 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

These are the upcoming 2017 events happening within the SNWE Community, please put them on your calendar so that you can come and enjoy food, fellowship and fun:

All times are Nevada Time

Date                      Event                                            Place                                Time

June 3              Gathering (Food Provided)             St John’s                              12P

Aug 6                Gathering (Pot Luck)                     1st Henderson                      12P

Oct 5-8              Men’s Walk #69                            Trinity UMC

Oct 19-22          Women’s Walk #70                      Trinity UMC

Nov. 4                4th Day Gathering (Pot Luck)      Trinity UMC                          12P

Dec. 2                An. Mting/Gathering (Pot Luck)   Boulder City Senior Center 12P

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Author: North District

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