Our Faith Journey in this Easter Season

by | Apr 11, 2017 | West District Web Page, West District Newsletter

A “white-out” storm is one that greatly reduces visibility and can arise quickly. Judy and I found ourselves in such a storm traveling between Johnstown and Altoona back in Pennsylvania, and the only guide we had to follow were the rear brake lights of the vehicle in front of us. Since there was nowhere to pull off, we were very thankful that these lights kept us on the road and helped us to arrive safely home.

On this journey of life, we can find ourselves in unexpected places of fear, anxiety, and unease. Our quest is to remain focused on the One who overcomes these challenges in our ongoing journey of faith.

Please receive the following offered by Bishop Rueben Job: “It was a great comfort for me to have my father on ahead with his plow and five horses creating an arrow-straight, half-mile-long furrow. I followed along with my smaller plow and three horses confident that if I simply kept one wheel of the plow in the furrow I would leave that arrow-straight furrow behind me as well. It was a comfort to have him on ahead because he knew where the rocky and muddy areas were and when to lift the plow to preserve the grassed-over waterways. There was one other reason I wanted to stay close to him. I couldn’t have explained it then. But now, in my eight decades of life, I know it was the desire for his company that kept me close. Even then, young boys had their own questions of self-worth, their own feelings of loneliness, and their own anxiety about tomorrow. But in the company of my father, the one whose love had never failed or forsaken me, all was well. Neither cold nor rain could drive me away. For even then I knew all was well in the company of the one who seemed to know how to do everything and who loved me so deeply. Jesus spoke to the women visiting the tomb, ‘Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me’ (Matthew 28:10). Who are you following into the future?” – from When You Pray: Daily Practices for Prayerful Living

The redemptive act of God’s love through Jesus Christ reminds us that we never go it alone, even when uncertain about what lies ahead. God has done a startling work of grace upon all of creation, and that grace washes over each of us every moment. In each movement. In each breath.

Easter reminds us that the One we follow into the future is the same One who calls us to not be afraid…to go and tell…and to see.

It can be unnerving to remember this and to live it. When we lose our nerve, how good it is to know that we are help mates to one another on this journey…sisters and brothers…kin related through the relationship we have with God through the Resurrected One.

Have courage, my friends, and know that this courage is not our own, but from God.

Have hope, as we open to the constant churning of God’s Spirit within us.

Have joy, remembering the empty tomb and the One we follow from that place as people who bear His name.

Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen, indeed!
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Author: Neil Leftwich

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