Dove of the Desert UMC in Glendale will be making their 4th trip to Leon, Nicaragua on October 21-28, 2017, to serve Twelve Churches Ministry.

You are invited to join their group on this well-organized and very fulfilling trip. Join them on Wednesday, April 26th, at Dove of the Desert UMC, 7102 W Beardsley Road, for more information.

The trip includes a construction component, community outreach, and spiritual transformation as we interact with different church families in Leon. The people are incredible, the country is beautiful, and the food is great. Serving the Twelve Churches ministry in Leon, Nicaragua is a deeply spiritual and safe experience.

Please join us at Dove of the Desert UMC on April 26, 2017, from 7:00-8:00 PM to learn more about how you may serve God by being part of this experience.

Questions about this opportunity may be directed to John and Jennifer Roberts at ouvronciel@hotmail.com.

To submit your church’s mission trip for open enrollment, contact Mike or Lorraine Eyer at clnmwe@gmail.com.

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Author: DSC Communications

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