Because of the time crunch that is common in churches, UM Communications has developed a series of self-guided courses to help strengthen your ministry. Each course is open for registration at any time. Some of the courses offered are:

Your Church Website

Your website is critical to outreach and serves as a way to keep members engaged with up-to-date content. Register for Your Church Website so you can get the most from your online presence.

If your church needs help funding a website, click here to apply for a grant that includes the online training course as well as free web hosting/domain registration for one year. All you need is someone in your church who will build and maintain your website.

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Effective Church Marketing

This training leads you through the process of studying, dreaming and planning through the use of the Church Marketing Plan Tool. The result is a completed framework of strategy and action to help you reach your community better than ever.

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Connectional Giving

People give more when their souls are stirred, and our Connectional Giving course is built on that foundation. Through materials that discuss the biblical view of generosity, you’ll learn to encourage greater giving through compelling, heartfelt stories.

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What It Means to Be United Methodist

What makes our denomination unique? What It Means to Be United Methodist explains the structure of our church and the history behind our beliefs. This course is designed for both new and long-term United Methodists.

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Author: DSC Communications

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