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by | May 2, 2017 | South District Webpage, South District Newsletter

On the way of transition…

I am on a transition journey right now. Many of you are as well. Transitions are the in-between spaces of living in which the tenderness of the past is felt while the excitement of the future is palpable. It is the both/and as well as the not/yet. It is like being in the waiting room…expectant, hopeful, but still having much to take care of before the move out of this room begins.

Perhaps that is where we are as United Methodist’s too. We are in the Waiting Room. We are expectant and hopeful. We are fearful and anxious. We are calling on a new future, while recognizing that we are not of one mind. We are hoping we are still of one heart. The hardest thing to do in the Waiting Room is see the Not-Yet. To see beyond the fear. To hope while afraid. My hope, if I am truthful, is that we can find a way to stay connected while different. It is a hope that doesn’t make sense to me, except in the sense of Love. Love constrains me to hope for what I cannot yet understand.

So, Pastor and Disciples, will you wait with me? Will you pray and hope and listen to the Other in your life? Will you allow challenge to bring a 1% change in your personal view so that God’s kin-dom can be made new? That’s what I’m working on in my Waiting Room.  Wait with me…God is up to something.

Faith, hope, & love,


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Author: District Office

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