Note: this training event has been canceled. Please watch for future training event announcements through Conference news channels.

Imagine what it would be like to live through a natural disaster. Visualize the chaos. How scared and nervous would you be? In times of disaster, people can feel overwhelmed with the emotional and physical toll.

Early Response Teams (ERT) travel to disaster areas and help. They salvage belongings, mitigate damages, and most importantly, they listen to the survivors. Does this sound like a ministry that your church would embrace?

Be a part of the solution–ERT members don’t have to be members of a United Methodist Church. They just need to have a caring heart and listening ear.

Do you need more information or want to schedule a training at your own church? Contact Polly Turner, UMCOR-certified trainer, at polly@ix.netcom.com (480) 897-2880.

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Author: East District

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