Reaching new people

by | May 9, 2017 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

Consider this –

When your church members are encouraged to invite a friend, to what do they invite them? For most churches, the usual thought is to invite someone to worship. However, someone new may not be comfortable entering worship as a stranger.

Try this —

  • Make a list of the possible entry/invitation points to your church.
  • Consider the different people your members may potentially invite to your community and consider if there are entry points which would interest or attract them.
  • Are there any new groupings or events for you to create and offer to which members would consider inviting a friend or acquaintance?

Look at this —

Rev. Brandon Moll shares what his church did. They realized that they needed to do something to stop the decline and soon closure of their church. They still had 25 actives, so they got to work and created “ports of entry” to which they were excited to invite someone new. First UMC of Webster now has 75 on average in worship. Take a look at the 2 minute video – CLICK HERE

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Author: North District

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