We are Teachers to One Another

by | May 16, 2017 | West District Newsletter, West District Web Page

I’m not sure when Teacher Appreciation Week is, but I certainly appreciate the many teachers who have had to put up with me.

My sense is that we all have teachers that we can name who made a deep and abiding impact on our lives.

Some “teachers” touched our lives in a positive manner outside of the classroom having never thought of themselves in this role because they were not employed as educators.

We truly can be teachers to one another.

When we follow Christ, we also learn from Christ, and we understand this as a core truth of our faith.

As we consider this truth, please receive the following from Rueben P. Job…

“Jesus the master teacher surprises us with the easy way he offers earthshaking principles and a revolutionary way of life. For the most part we have tamed those teachings to something we can tolerate without too much embarrassment at our failure to actually practice what Jesus lived and taught. But in our better moments we do want to be like Jesus, live like Jesus, and die like Jesus. Well, maybe we do sometimes, but we like to choose the times and the places. But upon closer examination we realize that even though Jesus lived a pretty risky life, challenging the religious authority as well as the cultural wisdom of his day, we do want to live like him and be like him. When we sit with and walk with this master teacher we will be taught new ways of living and of being. And if we have the courage to continue in the presence of this master teacher, we may find our lives transformed more and more into that divine image that we all carry deep within, although sometimes hidden behind our fears. May we spend this day in the classroom with Jesus.” – (When You Pray: Daily Practices for Prayerful Living)

The Master Teacher seeks to stretch, nourish, and transform us. And we are called to share this lovingly with each other.

In offering Christ to one another, we share from the most intimate part of our being.

In offering Christ to one another, we learn from each other.

In offering Christ to one another, we become teachers for each other, and we understand more fully “that divine image” that connects us as the Body of Christ.

When we remember that we can learn from one another, then we remember that we are in this work of ministry together.

We are not on this journey alone.

What will you learn today?

Your good work is appreciated more than you can imagine. Thank you.
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Author: Neil Leftwich

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