Small and large steps make church carbon neutral

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Array of Solar Panels

“All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it.” The Book of Discipline 2016, ¶160

Many have made changes to reduce our carbon footprint. You see solar panels on roofs, hybrid and electric cars are hitting the roads, and people are buying locally.

Has your church considered how to reduce their carbon footprint? Read Joey Butler’s (2017) article on Mountain View UMC’s efforts in Boulder, CO to reduce their environmental impact while becoming better stewards of their resources. Would this ministry create new opportunities at your church?

Mountain View worships in a large building — 43,000 square feet — and was paying more than $10,000 annually for electricity as of 2008. By 2011, Mountain View’s net electricity costs were cut almost in half, thanks to solar and other improvements.

The most recent goal of the church’s Green Earth Team has been to become carbon neutral. Money for carbon offsets was raised in 2016 during the annual Earth Day observance. After a five-year series of carbon-use reductions, the church achieved…

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