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by | Jun 6, 2017 | East District Newsletter, West District Newsletter

It is an exciting time at UMOM as they move into a new era.

As of May 14, 2017, UMOM has taken over and is now operating programs formerly offered by the Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development.

This means UMOM, already Arizona’s largest homeless shelter and service organization, will now provide safe shelter, job training and supportive services to teens, young adults and families as we break the cycle of homelessness.

Here’s are excerpts from last week’s news release that tell the story:

In December 2016, UMOM became of aware of financial difficulties encountered by Tumbleweed, an organization that provided a variety of services to homeless youth since 1972. Recognizing the significant community value of Tumbleweed’s programs, UMOM CEO Darlene Newsom, her executive team and UMOM’s Board of Directors made the decision to join Tumbleweed’s Chapter 11 restructuring process in federal bankruptcy court. In late April of this year, the court approved UMOM’s plan to absorb nearly all Tumbleweed’s programming and staff.

“It was the right thing to do,” said CEO Newsom. “At UMOM, we’ve worked hard over the years to be fiscally healthy and a strong partner to the communities we serve. That strength gave us the capacity to absorb and continue the Tumbleweed programs.”

UMOM Board President Karen Johnson of Midwestern University added, “Standing back and doing nothing was never an option.”

The message to the new, combined UMOM staff is to “Focus Forward” as they begin this important work together. Each organization brings its own history and legacy; now, as they learn to work together, they will Focus Forward on the powerful work they can accomplish as a united team.

Services to these homeless youth will be provided under the new umbrella title, Tumbleweed, a service of UMOM. Likewise, the Tumbleweed website will be active for the time being. Youth recognize the Tumbleweed name and we don’t want to risk losing even one young person because they couldn’t find us.

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Author: East District

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