An Update on Zion Resurrection Project

by | Jul 3, 2017 | North District Web Page, North District Newsletter

There was such joy when Zion UMC found its cross in the rubble. They had asked around if another church had a spare they could use – but theirs has been found!

Since the last request for volunteers, the work teams have been full. We had a nice increase in area United Methodist members plus many others from the community. Therefore, this phase of cleanup is complete and we will close down this phase of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) project. A mission well-done and greatly appreciated. The anticipated time frame was through July 22, but many hands and hard workers accomplished the task ahead of schedule.

The above picture of the flag which stood at the side of the Zion UMC’s chancel, was pulled from the ashes – not even singed – amazing!

We will be considering a future building project for which we may engage our ERT network in the coming months. Let us keep the Zion congregation in prayer – as the time of rebuilding and the use of a temporary facility will be many, many months.

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Author: North District

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