In Luke 6:12, Jesus “spent the night praying to God.” Sometimes Jesus prayed alone, and sometimes He prayed with others. There were times when he climbed up a mountain to pray and other times when he was called to pray right where he stood. We too have been called to prayer. The Conference-wide week of prayer is August 13-19. Every church in the Desert Southwest Conference will pray for the work of the Commission on a Way Forward and the future of The United Methodist Church.

Resources are available for download to equip you, the church leader to call your community to prayer. Some of the resources center on a word for each day of the week. Some ideas for using the word of the day resources are:

  • Lead a prayer walk.
  • Set up a prayer station at your church.
  • Take turns hosting a prayer group at each other’s homes.
  • Print the prayer words document and distribute it during worship.
  • Copy and paste the daily devotionals in a congregational email each day.
  • Publish one of the photos in social media with a question or scripture each day.

All people in the Desert Southwest Conference are invited to pray for the future of The United Methodist Church, and the work of the Commission on a Way Forward. Next week we’ll have information available for you to join the Bishop and District Superintendents in prayer online!

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Author: DSC Communications

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