Praying our way forward 3×3 with the Bishop & District Superintendents

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Did you know that Bishop Bob and the District Superintendents will be leading prayer experiences online each week day at lunch time during the Conference-wide week of prayer? These gatherings will take place via Facebook Live. Open to the general public, each session will take about 5 minutes. Check out DSCUMC on Facebook to find out more.

We get that church leaders are busy and sometimes getting a request from the Conference can be frustrating. So, to make it easier for each individual and every church to lead their congregation in the Conference week of prayer on August 13-19, we’ve assembled resources that are available at www.dscumc.org/praying-way-forward. Here’s a step by step plan that you can use.

Worship on August 13

  • Step 1: Start by downloading and Implementing the order of worship.
  • Step 2: If you have screens to show Power Point presentations, download the Power Point presentation.
  • Step 3: Download, print, and distribute the bulletin insert with details about how to continue to participate throughout the week.

Social Media Engagement August 13-19

  • Step 1: Download the Word of The Day social media graphics.
  • Step 2: On or before Friday, August 11 publish a post introducing the week of prayer and the social media Word of The Day photo devotional. You can use the following language: “Every day this week we’ll post a picture, scripture, a question, and prayer for you to use as a daily devotional. Will you enrich this week of prayer by responding to each post with your reflections or photos inspired by the day’s post?”
  • Step 3: Then, schedule posts on Facebook for the rest of the week with the corresponding images and message from the word-of-the-day schedule. Be sure to check and respond to messages promptly.

Congregational Email

  • Step 1: Download the word-of-the-day schedule and social media graphics.
  • Step 2: Each day of the week, email your congregation the photo of the day and the corresponding scripture, questions, and prayer. You can use the following language to introduce the plan each day. “Friends, have you heard of the work of the Commission on a Way Forward? Click here to learn about their work. Every day this week we’re emailing you a daily devotional that will include a photo, scripture, some questions, and a prayer. You can also join the Bishop and District Superintendents online in a 5-minute prayer experience via Facebook Live at noon on Monday-Friday, August 14-18. Go to www.dscumc.org/dscumc to find the videos. Below is today’s devotional.”
  • Step 3: Join the Bishop and the District Superintendents online at www.dscumc.org/dscumc

Of course, you don’t have to use any of the resources created or ideas shared already. Others are wondering how to make their week of prayer a contagious week of prayer. How are you or your church praying for the work of the Commission on a Way Forward and the future of The United Methodist Church?

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