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The following message was compiled from a newsletter message from UMOM New Day Centers.

Help Us Get Back On Our Feet!

To our community and supporters:

On August 3rd, South Central Phoenix was hit by a microburst monsoon storm. Over two inches of rain fell on UMOM’s New Day Center and the surrounding area in less than 30 minutes. Dozens of families and several staff members were relocated out of their flooded rooms and offices. The elevator in the most affected building may need serious repairs. The rising waters damaged several staff vehicles. We are so grateful that no one was hurt.

The good news is that earlier this Spring, UMOM acquired flood insurance for the first time. However, to make the insurance affordable, we accepted a large ($50,000) deductible. We’re working around the clock to repair the damage, but we can’t do it alone. Please pray for UMOM and the residents during this time of rebuilding.

Want to know how else you can help? Contact UMOM at 602-275-7852.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to ending homelessness!

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Author: DSC Communications

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